Studious students

OMG! Trying to cram in study time with all this drama over me being Michael Jacksons secret daughter is getting seriously exhausting. My secret accidentally slipped out yesterday at school when I took of my locket and people saw a picture of my and dad hugging. Seings as its out now I may as well make the most of the fame before it fades away before me. I love being known but at least no one is taking it so seriously that they would tell the news or something! The only thing is people are chasing me for three reasons 1. To get my autograph or picture 2. To know if it is true 3. To say that it is a load of old codswallop! I am just hoping wait no praying that people will just forget about it I mean I don’t know for definite myself yet it’s just that I heard my parents talking about it and I found a box with my name on And found my locket inside.

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