8th October 2007 757pm monday


i finally called into Colosimo’s office today and talked to Dave Doyle. He wants me to come in immediately so after checking with mom, i made an appointment for tomorrow at 1145am. he told me to wrap up my knees, ice and elevate and take my painkillers (*note as of current day. i had very recently had the last of 5 knee surgeries on both knees to put them back together. i jokingly referred to the process as ‘putting my legs back together on the installment plan’ when i was in a good mood about it because the 1st time they thought i simply had a small ACL tear. it seems i don’t show up very well on xrays, but instead of the simple scope i was expecting for the 1st 1, they had to open me up, take a graft from my left lower leg to repair the shredded ACL and entirely remove my interior meniscus-that’s the pad between the ‘knuckles’ of the bone knobs at the top of the femur on the inside. knowing me, i spelled it wrong, but you get the idea. i had to wait for corpse donated tissue-yes, i’m a organ donor-then broke my left kneecap in a throw rug on a slippery floor in the bathroom when the damn thing skidded and flung me into the cabinet under the sink so i had to wait longer for it to heal before i could have the surgery. waiting made me favour my left leg putting damage on my right knee. THIS i referred to as ‘adding insult to surgery’. this LAST surgery was supposed to be the 1 that fixed it and i’d been approached about performing with a musical comedy skit group and was looking forward to the time when i was going to take them up on it and believe it or not was looking forward to the physical therapy and training to get back up on my dancing shoes.) well. yes. the ace wraps (*note-AKA pressure bandages. it’s like calling a flask bottle a thermos or facial tissue kleenex. the brand name falls into common usage and is accepted as a generic term) keep sliding around and pinching the backs of my knees and my ankles have started to swell already (*note- putting ace wraps on me when i’m in balloon girl mode is like squeezing a tube of toothpaste without taking the cap off. the ends inflate. it’s not pretty.) i did have them elevated for a while, but it only lasted about 1/2 an hour before i had shooting pain up to my hips. i’ll trap myself with pillows in bed (and go to bed early) but i had to play email tag with my lawyer and i may be flexible (sort of) but i’d have to be boneless to have my legs propped up next to me, yet turn sideways from the hips to gain access to the pull out keyboard. i’ve tried it the other way but the cord just does NOT reach! also had to muck about with the phone and scanner which meant i had to be up and on my feet (never any fun) to get copies of this journal to both the lawyer and Dave Doyle


(*note- there’s a P.S. of sorts on this one, written up the side margin of the outer edge of the page- all my journals are long hand. i don’t do well spontaneously in type. that’s why my free form typed journals in the morning are usually so disjointed LOLOL)

i currently have a percussion section in my left knee, which is NEVER a good sign!

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