it is very complicated after all these years struggling in my life after ive been hurt by one of my dearest person,i just can’t forget the moment of the look of his face when he broke my heart,i know i have alot of people giving me advices and being beside me,but i cannot feel them. It’s like living in a big lie…its very hard for me living in home which you don’t feel like a home without pretending that i dont know the truth…


Til then…in 2015/april/2

I left home,i left everything and not looking back except everytime i think about my 2 little sisters “asmahan and hannan”

It breaks my heart..that moment when i stare at them while they were sleeping,the day before i run away from home,in my mind i was saying”god be with you always my little sisters and i am very sorry about leaving home,i promise ill be back home with my mother. And take you both home with me after i get married this guy and have a home and make my own family,

Although i really feel depressed that im handling a huge responsibilities since i was a child,my family did broke me in million pieces,specially my father,the person who brought me down to the ground,


The guy that ill get married is a good guy,but umm i dont know..he listens to me when i talk…but the journey ive been through is doesn’t describes exactly what happened to me…


Everytime i want to share my stories,i get silent and my eyes says alot….



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