I saw your eyes flash onto me. Usually, they’re light green. This time, they were dark, and, I might not know a lot of things- but I know what the look of want looks like. I felt my core flutter just then. Because I want you, too. It’s the deep kind of want that I would never share with anyone else, and it will never be ruined by trying to act upon it. It’s secret, and it’s special because it’s mine. Knowing that part of you wants me, too, makes it even more special to me. Not dirtied by real life, obscured by the truth of our lives and how different they are. In the surface world, we barely know each other. But underneath the surface, we know a lot about each other, don’t we? We know each other in ways other people might never see. Sometimes when we’re in a room together, we share glances that say more than words ever could. You see who I am, not necessarily what I look like or what I do or the people I surround myself with. You see into me.

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