I’ve finally arrived at the N.P. Its beyond gorgeous. Right now there haven’t been many people arriving and I get my room to myself and the village is pretty quite. I start orientation on Monday and my first day of work is on Tues. I went to hr to check in and met my boss. Which was swell because I had just finished moving and really looked like utter shit. Hah! Oh well. I am the pajamas after work kinda lady anyways. Best get used to that. I do enjoy dressing up but sweats are my thing. Maybe I can get more appealing sweats. Anyways. Appearance aside.
I have many goals for this summer. Study more. Read more. Be more active. Etc, etc.
I would say that my main goal is going to be loosing weight. I am going to put lots of effort into that. I have from May 1st until Mid Oct to accomplish this. Well.. I am going to make it realistic. Right now my focus is on eating right, gaining muscle, and increasing my cardio endurance( overall endurance too). I have a feeling that I will succeed at this.
Also.. I want to meditate more. I am reading the book Opening the Dragon Gate and its pretty fascinating. The method that the teachers used to get the student ready was interesting.. The wizards locked him in a dark shed! Haha. Now and days its called sensory depravation. Since I don’t have a shed I can hide in I’ll have to make do with practicing more. Even the times when I get frustrated and think I’ve been meditating forever when really it was like a minute. Lol.
Terrible. I know.
Last night I was my first night up here. Which just so happens to be Beltane; May 1st. A new beginning. I watched the sun go down from my new lodging. It was breath taking. There was no sound save for the sound of birds and other animals. Thankfully, no bears!
Anyways. That’s all I’ve got for now. When I am here I have this urge to always be outside. Being inside seems wrong.. I am at a major national park for 6 ½ months after all. I better absorb it all! 🙂

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