Seebu did I

Have I?
I am here wondering if he ever just thinks of me. I’m positive No…then I wonder if in anyway, I’ve touched him in a positive way. Even a tiny one…I can’t help but feel that I’m just a bad thing for everyone….that somewhere along the way , I’ve became this negative force…and that’s the only energy I spew forth. That makes my heart hurt…that he is kind gentle caring, just a good man. I believe all things happen for a reason…I hope he KNOWS that he was like sunshine for my soul when all I could see or feel was darkness. He put gladness into my heart when i felt soooo empty inside. He made, still makes me feel beautiful as I was constantly feeling horrible images. He was silent yet taught me to be postive when all I was allowed , was keeping my head down. As time went by …he has became precious to me. I hold my head up and I smile…I crave his touch though…his scent…the way HE feels when my head is against his chest….everything about him his perfect and yet I never felt I had to be perfect with him. I just hope I’ve at lest made him smile.

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