yup that’s 1 of mine

i’m not having any fucking luck finding a fucking game to play today. so far everything i run into i’ve either already played and beaten another version of it (like i’ve played the basic version and they have the collector’s edition listed or widdershins likewise) or i’ve started it and hated it so shut it off or it was so glitchy it froze the damn computer. the other trouble is that piece of shit company big fish is somehow affiliated with them and i refuse to touch another of their games after they screwed me over when i was beta-testing for them. i may have finally found a couple to load 1 match 3 and 1 hidden object. atlantic quest 2 (which i know will annoy me because 1 was unbeatable. maybe they’ll have fixed it with 2?) for the match 3 which is finalizing right now and mystery tales the lost hope which is a collector’s edition and will have a bonus chapter extra when i’ve beaten it (you’ll note i did not say if. i said WHEN. yes. i am that good.)

let’s see. been a pretty shitty morning. cat shit on the floor so i had to clean THAT up 1st thing, then i ended up in the loo and was trapped there for over 1/2 an hour and ended up taking my shower a couple hours early (it was nasty. let’s not go into details here.) suffice it to say prolonged use of opiate based painkillers has a rather singular effect. i’ve had to learn to self-repair prolapses. yeah. hence the early shower.

actually things like that are the reason i do something every month. i’ve mentioned it before, but since it’s coming up, i’ll talk about that properly now. it’s called a drug holiday. i cannot take myself off the damn Percoset completely. THAT would be counterproductive. what i DO (and it’s with not only my Doc’s PERMISSION, but his approval as well.) is go from 3 of the 7.5mg painkillers a day to one broken into 4ths and i get herbal potpourri. yep. THAT stuff. the stuff supposedly giving people heart attacks and all that shit. (they’re probably smoking industrial amounts of it. i’ve spoken to someone who had a bad reaction to it-minour compared to the stories all over the net, but HE said, they smoked a fat blunt of it. well, duh. you’re supposed to do small amounts at a time to adjust to it. a little goes a LOOOOONG way with this stuff, but it only lasts about 30-40 minutes at full strength. me? i do pinners or 1 hitter every 1/2 hour or so) i smoke, get a lot of writing done and stay near the bathroom and a trash can and switch to clear diet for a few days because being a detox i WILL end up getting sick from 1 or the other ends.

but i just got an email that gave me the shipping number. considering that for months the site had stopped doing that, it’s a bit of a relief that they’ve started again. so that SHOULD be here monday and i get to go to the store on monday as well.

well, 1 of my games should be loaded, so i’m off to do that for a bit. i’ll try to get another couple pain journal entries up today as well. the next 1 up is the day i was officially diagnosed so it’s a rough one.




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