9th October 2007 936pm tuesday


i’m still angry. pissed off would be closer to the mark. i now probably have something called RFD (*note-well, i got most of the letters right) should stand for ‘really fucked damnit’ but it seems to actually mean some sort of nerve damage or some such. they wanted to give me Amiltriptyline. i WON’T take it. lovely set of side effects. lovely set of drug reactions too. let’s see. i won’t be able to take anything for my allergies. i use an Epinephrine inhaler and the web page said it would cause seizures! sure. Doyle says it almost never happens, but i seem to always fall into that 1% category, now don’t i? so. also urine retention. i’m very prone to urinary infections and am allergic to ALL antibiotics. lovely. that’s 2 strikes. constipation and probable weight gain?! WHAT?!?! and this is supposed to HELP!?!?! it’s also known to cause severe depression and suicidal thoughts?!?!?! that’s 7 strikes. against it. finally Doyle said just to continue with the Vicoden and call him on Friday.


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