Another Day

May the fourth be with you..
I spent most of yesterday being very lazy or at least it felt like it since I didn’t do an after dinner hike. Today, I had check in and orientation. Both were, as expected, boring. At least that is over and done with and I start my training tomorrow. I am excited to get back into accounting aspects. Most cases when working in the vault there is lots of alone time which is perfect for me! I have started a new diet and exorcise regime. The diet is just me actually eating. I can’t even tell you how many times, in my last place, I forgot to eat. I could go a day or so of unintentionally fasting and only eating at night while at work. Still not eating the entire days was a long time to go without. Now I am getting three well rounded meals a day. I still avoid bread because I don’t enjoy how I feel after eating it. I feel like I’ve eaten a TON these past three days. I am going to lower my portions! I had a successful day. I did my meditation, went running and did my weight lifting. I am a winner! All day every day. I must remember to take my breaks when I am tired and not feel bad about it. I swear I felt like the laziest person on Sunday and I didn’t realize that I still managed to hike for two hours with Sassy. We only turned back because there was fresh bear droppings on the trail.
I think I mostly feel lazy is because I am still spending too much time on face book and on the web when I know I should be reading and meditating. My goals for the end of this week:
Run 6 minutes without stopping
Meditate for 1 ½ hours a day. This can be broken down. Into either 30 minutes or 2 45 minutes. Due to the fact that I still have numbness I’ll probably do the thirty.
Keep studying Longchenpa’s Kindly Bent to Ease Us: Mind. Absorb it. Along with the opening of the dragon gate. I wish I could thank him for showing me these books but I can not. Oh well. Even if I wanted to call another person I couldn’t because my phone doesn’t get reception out here..
Anyways my day was pretty relaxing and I wouldn’t have it any other way. <3

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