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May 3rd.
Here I am going to discuss my reading from yesterday. I asked for a bigger read and used the Celtic Cross to gather information.
The first card signifies the issue at hand. I pulled the Sun. This was a repeating card for me that day because as I was pulling out the deck The Sun remained in the box. As you can see there is a union, a divine marriage, taking place.

Card 2 represents issues that are blocking the signifier card, the Sun. I must leap. Whatever may happen I must jump into it with my whole being but I MUST be detached from any outcome. This is vital. This blends into the Sun.. Can I love as if I have never been hurt before? Yes. I know I can because I am innocent as she- she who leaps into abyss.
“All is movement, all change; this is a precarious time, take a risk; have faith; trust that you will be cradled; every fall moves you closer to your own target of perfection; you are in the cradle of perfect love; use this opportunity to create ; concentrate on the present; when walking, place one foot in front of the other, no matter how high the mountain, the peak is reached one step at a time; you are in the first mode of empowerment: Detachment from outcome; undertake the present enterprise because you must, but detach yourself from outcomes; the process is critically important at this time, do not concern yourself with the ultimate product.”
Third card tells me how things appear on the surface. I have Mother Earth here. This is the second card that out of three so far that has mentioned “tending to my garden”. She tells me how- Love every stick, stone, plant and animal. She says if I do this there will be great rewards. Since she has something in common with the sun I am assuming that it is my divine marriage.
This is my deep reality.. Power Shield. This one hits home with me. There are times when I feel like I am loosing my intellectual intelligence but I am told now that it is only being replaced with spiritual intelligence. There is also another message of don’t be afraid to be alone. Don’t be afraid to go inward.
“Indecision leads to a sense of imprisonment; energy is wasted.” This is so so true. I had no idea what I wanted to do that day and so I wasted valuable time trying to decided instead of just doing. I did end up going to one of my favorite spots, laid down to read my dragon book and fell asleep basking in the sun. There was a gap between my tshirt and pants and now I have an oddly shaped sunburn on my stomach. Lol
My fifth card is Beauty. I was confused about this reading but it became clear when a passage said “you must give up in order to gain; you must surrender in order to win. Since this card relates to the immediate past it hits home. I recently gave up everything in order to have what I have now. What do I have? Richness in life. Experiences. New mountain range to call home. I am truly blessed.
Six. Four of Wind. Mastery. This speaks of the immediate future. I am getting tired so I will make the rest of these quick. This card speaks that I have mastered one phase, the moving and letting go, and will be going onto the next. I must go into deeper meditation and open myself up to receive.
Seven. Mother Fire. My current psychological state.. LOL mother fire is that a good thing? This is very important. She speaks of going further into my subconscious. Go into the darkness and I will find my own light.
“Long after the energy of other has burned out, your own energy burns like a constant pilot light; you have the sense of being a sough-out leader especially in matters of the spirit; you seek quiet, but consistent leadership; as long as you move in accordance with nature’s laws, nature obeys your every command.”
Eight. The High Priestess!
My booty hurts and my eyes are tired. I will discuss more later.

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