He is almost perfect.


He makes me feel safe.

If I say no, he doesn’t keep on and keep on and keep on and on and on. I said no, he says okay baby and that’s that.

He tells me I’m beautiful.

I’m only beginning to realize how important that is. To feel wanted and attractive is something I thought I never needed.

He holds my hand.

It is such a small thing, but it’s comforting.

He doesn’t pressure me about sex.

Dont get me wrong, I’m not a virgin or anything and I haven’t been for sometime, but I don’t sleep with every guy I talk to and it’s nice to know he wants more than just sex. He would be perfectly happy (at least for a while) waiting.

We can laugh together… And we do often.

This one time I was sniffing some flowers and got pollen all over my nose and face… And I do mean ALL over my face. He laughed. I got embarrassed and then laughed too… Sweet moments… ❤️




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