Pheared Chronicles. ( story in progress)chapt. 1.

In the Genesis of the Earth. The angel once called by the name Morning star coveted Gods power . This unholy emotion forced God to kick The morning star out of heaven, otherwise this unholy emotion would grow and spread like a cancer. When God did this he told the Morning star” your new name will be called  lucifer. ”  while Lucifer knew that all disease must be cut off before death came and that the disease at the root was unholy and that unholyness could not mingle with holiness or it would cause the death of such and while he knew very well it was wrong the emotion gave birth to evil and lucifer  became tainted and was then bound to his evil desires.  He lost control very quickly so it was necessary to cut off Lucifer. God sent him to earth and gave him a  place to rule. God didn’t compleatly  strip Lucifer of His Heavenly glory. God allowed him to keep power as a heavenly being but he no longer had authority the way he did at  Gods right hand and just under his son Jesus the other morning star. YES there was another morning star was above the angels. Lucifer wanted to be equal to that morning star for that was not the dawn but THE morning star.  Many other angels chose to fallow lucifer and they too were banished from Heaven.  There were many fallen angels that because of lucifer first seed of evil had grown and were now barring its fruit. Lucifer was saddened and became angry at God and he and his fallowers made a vow to steal kill and destroy all that God made . Lucifer wanted to call war on heaven and concure it because his sin put him under darkness in a type of blindess, truth was of a holy place so as time went on and his seeds of sin grew he could no longer think correctly about right and wrong he had no love no care the morning star was dead and a new dark creature had emerged.  He knew he hadent the strength or the number to come against God so he chose man. He would decieve them and make them great soldiers but they were just men made of flesh and so luifer together with his fallen fallowers would create their numbers. They created many through mating with human women and with their supernatural power that had not been taken they used their knoledge to create strange beasts .

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