My feelings

Right now i am going crazy. I sometimes feel like my friends are fake ones sometimes. One minute they want to be your friend and then the next minute they like umm i don’t like you. It frustrates me because i want friends that want to be my friends all the time, not just some times.

Ive always had trouble with finding true friends.i  just for once want  real friends that will always be there for me no matter WHAT


WHAT do i do, i have no idea

One thought on “My feelings”

  1. Hunny there is something my mother has always told me that in your lifetime that you will maybe have three true friends and those friends will be around through thick and thin and not when it is convenient for them that isn’t a true friend they are fake friends. Yes I totally get that you want true friends and everyone wants to be liked and have that one person that you can go two when happy, sad, mad, angry, or even when you fall on your ass and they are laughing their ass off but still help you up.
    Two quotes for you
    I know everything happens for a reason, but sometimes I wish I knew what that reason was.

    Life is a constant struggle. There are moments of happiness and sadness. There are moments of laughter and tears. But to live a purposeful life one must have the passion to overcome the obstacles that live bestows on us. Live life with a positive attitude and never give up your virtues and ethics.

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