I had an odd dream last night. There was some conflict with my mom and nick popped up to do some tricks and he recognized me but I watched him in awe but did not acknowledge him. Why? I had other concerns, like whatever was happening with my mom, and even though he was in a different shape he had the same soul. I having a vision and he was meditating with his heart chakra and the higher ones to a body, of his beloved?, because I had “failed” the test. I didn’t recognize his soul. Which wasn’t true. I recognized him from the beginning, even in a different body, but because of how I am now I chose not to go to him. Why? Because I’ve always gone to him. I’ve bared myself naked emotionally only to have him judge me and tell me I’m a fake. I had other obligations in the dream and I have no desire to be a part of these “test”. Like the test with the necklace at the escalator. I knew it was his but I thought it was weird and it gave me weird vibes. So anyways. I saw him looking dejected and I am not sure what I did. I feel like I walked away from him in the dream because I have no need to prove to anyone that I am who I am. I am only me. I woke up with tears in my eyes. I am so much stronger than I was when I was in b.c. As much sadness as it brings me to see him sad; he had his chance and he chose to play games. To “test” me as if love was just a game for him. As if I was just a fly that kept buzzing around his head he couldn’t get rid of. I will never ever allow anyone to diminish me the way he did.
I AM a Raven. I AM magic. I AM one with all but you’ll never hear me speak of it. I’m just an observer in life.

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