Introduction into my Life!

Ok this is my first time keeping a journal so let me just take a moment and introduce myself.

For the sake of anonymity lets just call me B. I am engaged to an amazing guy named Ben. Together we have 5 amazing children. Adam is 8, Vannah is 6, Matthew is 5, Jr is 3 and Andrew is 2 months. We have been together almost 2 years in October. And hopefully we will be getting married before the end of the summer because i am so ready to spend the rest of my life with this guy.

Like most couples we have our fights and disagreements..sometimes he can stay mad and ignore me for days. But hopefully once we start living together he will realize that we cant just ignore each other for days at a time. 

Right now we live with his parents but hopefully we will be able to move into our house this weekend! I am so excited I am 26 years old and have never lived on my own. Give or take about 3 years i have always lived with my mom. And of those 3 years was living with babydaddy (lets call him Juan) and his parents.  Moving in togethIter is a big step for my fiance and I. Sometimes i wonder if i am ready for all of this..being married, living together, taking care of 5 kids and going back to work at some point. 

It all feels like so much stress that i just want to shut down, but i have to tell myself that this is what i want more than anything and i have to do my best to keep up and try not to let myself get to stressed.This is the reason why I started this journal because i get so stressed out but sometimes Ben doesnt understand how stressed i really get. But that is all i can say for now Andrew is crying so i must go..but i will continue later!

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