Science of Mind Daily Guide

I believe that God is all there is. I know that God is all there is very much in the same way physicists know that energy is all there is. In both cases, It — whether we call it Spirit or energy — always was and always will be. In both cases, It can neither be created nor destroyed. And in both cases, all of It that ever has been is present right here and right now. Everything is made of It, and It is always creating new forms and abandoning old ones. It changes form, but the substance of creation is eternal. Since I know all is God, I know everyone is made in the image and likeness of a Creator, same as me. As I look at another, I see me in a different form. I see Spirit as other. I see Spirit as all life everywhere. So what is loving all but loving the expanded self? What does it mean to forgive others if I am that? If I condemn, am I not condemning myself in another’s form? When I am seeing with the eyes of God, I see all life as the life of the Divine. I see every form as a beautiful idea in the mind of God. I see all life as an individualized expression of the One Life. That’s real vision.  Affirmation:  Today I see all life as Divine, Perfect Spirit expressing.

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