what is love anyway

what is love anyway I mean Im big time in love with this guy Nate but he don’t love me back anymore. its a really long story. ok so me and him have been hanging out for a long time and he had a girl friend and he broke up with her for me me and him got real close we would cuddle and stuff and then we kissed and when we kissed time stopped the only time that was going in the world was us there was no distractions but heres the funny part the day after hes making out with my best friend someone PPPPPPLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEE HELP ME

4 thoughts on “what is love anyway”

  1. Love is when someone truly cares about you and would do anything to be with you! Let him go. If he has or had a girlfriend, then makes out with you, and THEN makes out with your best friend… it is not love! He’s showing you that he doesn’t care. Find someone who really wants to be with you. Whether you like the truth or not just let him go. You’ll find someone!

  2. To be honest, don’t stress over guys. Almost every girl is told that. But its true. And seeing as how you’re only 14 you have alot more to look forward to then a childish boy who kisses anyone and everyone. My advice, leave the kid alone. You’ll look back 2 years, maybe even 2 months from now and seriously laugh out loud about how you once liked that boy! Those are great moments because it means you kept self respect, and matured. Good luck!

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