My amazing boyfriend.

Well I started dating my perfect boyfriend on 4-20. The day I got pregnant when I was 16. How ironic right? Anyways he moved to Minnesota from Illinois. Sexy accent and amazing body. He calls me princess and bought me flowers when my cousin died on the 17th. On the 27th my grandma died (that is when they found her body). He came over and held me close all night and kept me calm. We had until the 30th to clean out her apartment. He helped me and my family just like it was nothing. We went on a date at a near by park area by the river. He made me a horse reed bracelet I have hanging in my car. He also pulled four ticks off me. He met my parents and sister that night and they loved him. He treats me so amazingly anything I want or need he gives me. Not saying I like that very much seeing as I am extremely independent. But it is nice knowing he is there when I need him. In bed we are the perfect match thus far. He watched my son the day my day care lady bailed a half hour before I had to leave for work. He says I spoil him but I really have not even begun spoiling him yet. Now I have to go my friend needs my help. I will talk more later.

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