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A Greater Idea of God

Do you remember what you thought about God when you were a child? I remember trying to reconcile the idea that God is Love — which was what I was taught — with what appeared to be an angry, punishing God I read about in the Judeo-Christian bible stories. If God is Love, I pondered, how could He/She/I just wipe out an entire town, tribe or world out of anger? How can a God of Love even be angry, jealous or vengeful? I never could reconcile those conflicting ideas. As I grew up, my idea of what Spirit is grew. Like Dr. Ernest Holmes said, my soul “ventured forth to find a better God.” It has been said that our idea of God evolves as we evolve. So in a way, perhaps we create a God in our image and likeness instead of the other way around. As I grow more loving, more forgiving, more compassionate, I can embrace a God of love, peace and unity. The God of my present understanding transcends gender and form and is a loving presence, an energy which is infused in everything, animate and inanimate, across the universe. God is the friend of silence. — Mother Teresa In the morning of a greater vision, with the dew of Eternity on the grass of experience, the soul ventures forth to find a better God. — Ernest Holmes, “Living Without Fear


I rest in the knowledge that Spirit’s Love is everywhere present, always supporting me.

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