Model T

T is an attractive tight package. Jet black, chrome trim, classic style – comes with quirks.

Not that I would ever run a VIN, but I think I should have on this one. I’m finding out about previous damage as I go here. Repairs have been attempted, but they’re not quite sticking right now as it seems. Older models have their quirks, it is to be expected.

An initial joy with some pep. Exciting, new, gives you a special feeling. It seems too good to be true because, in the end, it is – the thing about older models is you expect extra maintenance but sometimes it is tough to know where to draw the line. How much do you sink into something like this before you realize it doesn’t quite serve you as much as you service it?

It becomes unreliable. And while you roll your eyes and find a loving attentive attitude, as needed, it gets old after a while. It almost seems like everything held together just enough to start to settle in, and the second your confidence in your investment rises, damage presents itself. It is no longer available when you need it. It behaves erratically and unpredictably. The gauges and warning lights are wonky and don’t seem to read accurately. No one can figure out why they won’t turn off or what is setting them off. I put black electrical tape over these kinds of things, which quiets my frustration, but it is always in the back of my mind, “is one of these warning lights legitimately trying to tell me something?”

It becomes a weight. It is always on the mind, “Is this thing gonna run or what?” Discovery attempts fail. Is it time to begrudgingly allow this thing to run itself¬†into the ground? A nice, slow death, then off to the graveyard? Perhaps. Most likely. It’s not that you don’t still enjoy the ride, you just don’t enjoy the maintenance and extra cost of repair. There are still those golden afternoons when the weather is perfect and the day is progressing nicely and your ride is just so damn pleasant it almost hurts. But you still know in the back of your mind this isn’t forever. Choose to enjoy the good moments.

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