Three Card Spread

I am taking multiple classes off Edemy one of which is Tarot. I am learning to speak with my cards and I am practicing the three card spread. The layout is conscious, subconscious, and in between is the higher conscious. So today I will speak about my cards I pulled.
The Conscious card I pulled is One of Wind: Dawn. This card speaks of new beginnings. A clarity of the mind. Which is relevant because I have started a new meditation practice in the morning. I do 15 minutes before I go to breakfast. I was surprised that meditation in the morning was harder than in the afternoon. I guess my mind was reeling from my dreams (that I don’t remember) and was replaying songs in my head. It feels like this is what the card is referring to because now after talking with Sassy I should just start with the basics. So when I can I am going to do multiple 15 minute practices. Well.. Maybe in the afternoon and evening I’ll do longer times.
My second card which is the subconscious is Nine of wind: The Screen. I feel like this card is telling me its okay to go out and make friends. This isn’t the time to be alone it’s the time to atone and do that through being a loving being. The card says embrace love and you will discover freedom. There are so many times where I am like oh no one will want to talk to me which is not true. Many people want to talk to me and be my friends but am I letting them be my friends? Am I taking the initiative and reaching out to those that may be kindred souls? I am to an extent but I am still very much reserved. I will note that I received this card yesterday but it was in my conscious side.
Now here comes the higher conscious! I have here the Seven of Fire: Courage. I got this card yesterday so I know it has much meaning! This card coincides with my other two. First to correlate with the first card these two together speak of breaking the expectations of the past and forging a new path. There is also a message of gaining self confidence. Secondly with the subconscious card The Screen it tells me that things are only going to intensify and I must take risks with new awareness. This may seem scary but with confidence and courage, all my fears will melt away.
Okay Loves! That is all for right now. Usually I will do a second reading at the end of my day and match those cards up with these to get a second message. Maybe something I can improve with but I usually keep those messages to myself; mostly because I am too tired to write anything down! I should because writing it down and posting it here I can look back and see any patterns that may be happening. <3

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