Here I am

So here I am. I’m not really sure what im doing here. I guess I just need a place to write everything down and have someone out there know how I feel. I’m surrounded by people that love me but they could never understand whats going on with me. Hell, I don’t even know whats going on with me but I know I cant openly talk to everything with them. I don’t fit in anywhere and that’s hard for people around me to understand. they think im just like them but im not. I don’t know who I am.

My entries are probably going to be up to three times a day or maybe one in free days, just whenever the need arises. Bare with me please.

One thought on “Here I am”

  1. Welcome, Jess! If you’re really in need of someone to talk to, just let me know, I’m one of those people that you can discuss anything & everything with!

    I’ll be sure to check out your future entries!


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