How do I even title this..?

I’m so sick of going to therapists. I lie to them and say I’m fine anyway! So why do i have to go??? Please leave me alone. I can cope on my own. I don’t need someone who doesn’t understand me to tell me what to do. They have no idea of my past. My mom blows every story out of proportion… I hate the medicine they give! I just walk around like a zombie… Yet they call it an improvement. They have no idea… They’ve never seen my thoughts. No one knows my true feelings… The only one that did killed herself… I don’t think I’m far behind… They just won’t leave me alone! They say they know what’s best for me. I am so sick of it! I can’t wait to move out and have my own life! Get piercings and dye my hair black and listen to whatever fucking music I want. My opinion will finally count. This year and a half needs to move quicker. I can’t stand all these people thinking they’re “helping me”… JUST FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONE!

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