5 thoughts on “Peace Pilgrim”

  1. Sojourner, are you the Peace Pilgrim?


  2. Yes and No – The Peace Pilgrim is in all of us and we are all in the Peace Pilgrim if we can but realize it. There is the Conundrum!

  3. I expected a reply such that! Sojourner, wouldn’t it be more productive to dedicate our time to providing others with the very things us ‘Peace Pilgrims’ are waiting around for? Provide shelter for the homeless, provide food for the hungry, etc. Better yet, why not inspire those in need of such things to go out and rightfully earn them? Instead of isolating yourself, come together with mankind to teach them the ways of peace.

    Or have I completely misunderstood the Peace Pilgrim?


  4. No, you haven’t misunderstood the Peace Pilgrim. One’s personal understanding of something is always correct, at least to them; and I agree that providing food, clothing, shelter, etc. for the homeless is a righteous endeavour. I trust that is what you are doing?

  5. When I have the resources to do so, I sure will! I’m most definitely not asking for handouts though. I despise handouts. But, I do believe if an individual is incapable (whether it be physically or mentally) of getting what they need themselves, it’s the responsibility of their fellow citizens to help them become capable. Help those in need, not spoil those in need. Ya know? Thank you for the post, it surely has gotten my mental gears turning!


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