Dream Entry – house, animals, party, seek & not find

The house’s backyard was as large as my memory of the size of the house from Austin, but it looked like the Yorktown backyard. The house was more extravagant than anything I have ever lived in – but it reminded me of Scarlett O’Hara’s home with Rhett Butler and a Frank Lloyd Wright Home. There was a maze and a floor I found, which I was unsure of – French doors opened automatically when I was looking for T – I went down the stairs and my hair stood on end. It was cold and the stairs spiraled down and down and down. My desire to find T was greater than my desire to explore this space.

I passed a window and saw out the backyard two bears chasing a squirrel and a bright red fox into the backyard. Each bear was tracking one of the smaller animals and the smaller animals were fighting to get away. A larger bear came from no where to take advantage of the work the smaller bears had already done. A raccoon became involved and the three bears fought over the raccoon – they took a paw in each other their mouths and almost tore it apart before dropping it. The fox escaped, the squirrel escaped, and the bear ran off after the raccoon. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen when T came strolling through the backyard. He looked like he could have been whistling. No wonder he couldn’t be found.

There was a party thrown. Young co-ed were arriving and had to pass through an identification verification machine. Once they did, they made their entrance on a large slide – three at a time. Whee! I was disinterested in the party and found this new way of coming to a party over the top. Unnecessary. T walked around the party to the front of the house’s exterior. I tried to meet him, but the house tricked me a few times and by the time I found myself outside, he was gone.

E showed up in the backyard at one point. She was leading a lesson with some nursing students. She had a Victorian style to her hair and dress. She seemed to be enjoying herself. I never approached her.

3 thoughts on “Dream Entry – house, animals, party, seek & not find”

  1. Thanks, writersbloq! It is fun to see different memories pull through at odd times in our dreams. Past and present converging in our subconscious sleep time.

  2. I love how difficult it is to explain (most) dreams. A plethora of unrelated segments- It is like a game, trying to understand a dream in written form. I’m looking forward to future entries, thanks for the interesting read!


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