I’m Just Confused

Hello there,

This past week has definitely been a journey for me. Tommy broke up with me this morning. I guess I saw it coming but I was upset. However, not with him but with myself. I get my self attached to easily and I end up getting hurt. Tommy and I ended on good terms though we are still friends but I have to give him his stuff back and I don’t want things to be awkward.

I’ve decided I’ll wait until prom this week is over to give him his stuff back. I haven’t decided if I want to see him alone so we can talk or go with Jane and just have things stay where they are. I want him to know that I do care about him and even though I’m upset I’ll get over it. But I also want to make sure that this isn’t one of those things where we break up and still hang out then end up hooking up just because I’m there. I want us to be friends again. I mean we were for 2 years and i want to at least have that with him with out it being weird. I’ve come to this confusing state in all of this.

I added Joey back on Facebook and we are supposed to Skype. I’m going to tell him about Tommy because he deserves to know. But I am explaining how I am not with him anymore. I’m not doing in it in hopes to get him back but just for the sake because he’s going to know I’m upset and I can’t lie to him.

This whole entry is all over the place because that’s where my head is. I’m so confused about everything right now. I don’t know how to really handle this right now. Most of my day was spent crying. I still feel like there is something bother me deeper then all of this and it’s killing me trying to figure it all out. I’m just confused.

~Jamie Grace

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that JamieGrace. In the aftermath of any breakup, the best thing to do is to isolate yourself from guys that may use your breakup to their advantage. Focus all that effort you’ve put into relationships on bettering yourself! Use the mistakes made throughout your journey and establish a moral compass. Know where you stand as a person, both morally and mentally (possibly even physically), so you’re better prepared for what’s to come in the future! You seem to be a bright young woman, so my advice to you is: Don’t get so caught up in these (mostly) stressful relationships. As I said before, focus on yourself! I guarantee it’d be far more satisfying to have strong and confident mentality, in comparison to the worrisome and quite ‘scattered’ mentality that comes with being in a relationship at such a young age.

    Between the ages 13-21, most guys’ ‘bullshitting’ skills are at their peak. They talk out their ass in attempt to satisfy their selfish agendas every chance they get, so watch out!

    Anyways, just be strong and be the best you that you can be. Simple as that. Life isn’t what it used to be, we’re born into a world with burdens that we had never asked for or earned in anyway. Having the constant urge to please society is only an obstacle, not a necessity. Do whatcha’ want to do.

    Also, pardon my language, but..

    Fuck em’.

    That should be your response to anyone who opposes your hopes and dreams.

    I feel as if I’ve said too much, I tend to get caught up in this (probably pointless) advisory all too often.

    Adiós & good luck amigo!

    (If ya wanna talk outside of Goodnight Journal, my Kik: Jroserock & my e-mail: jrosework7@gmail.com)

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