Mother’s Day

      A mother understands what a child does not say.  

                            Author Unknown

For, in a certain sense, we are all mothers giving birth to new thought, new ideas and new events. And why should we doubt that the same creative Power which prepares the mother to give birth to her baby will not also prepare us, physically and mentally, to give birth to new experience? — Ernest Holmes, “A Holmes Reader for All Seasons” There is One Life in back of all life, One Mind in back of every individual mind, and there is One Creative Source from which everything flows into form. This One Source is the energy that splits open the seed as it rests in the soil, creating the sprout that will burst through the dirt seeking out the warmth of the sun. This One Energy beats our hearts and breathes our breath. It is the energy of creation that manifests in the newborn babe, the sapling tree and the new thought. The manifest universe is this energy forever flowing into and out of form. Today, as we celebrate Mother’s Day, we are reminded of the nature of the Divine Creative Process, knowing that our ideas are seeds of thought we plant into this creative medium, producing the conditions of our lives. Together with Spirit, we co-create babies, companies, ideas, thoughts and every experience we have.


I welcome new thoughts, and with Spirit, I co-create new experiences.

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