I’ve been thinking about it more and more, it’s been taking over my every thought. I just want a blunt and some passionate, aggressive, gut pounding, hair pulling sex. And no I don’t want it from my boyfriend, I want an affair. A forbidden sex driven lustful affair with some hot sexy  fat dick black man or white if you look like Channing Tatum or Paul Walker. Shit I’ll take them both at the same time. I can’t seem to shake the excitement of my move to Dallas. not because I’ll be closer to my boyfriend or I am starting my life but because of the potential of having a sexy neighbor male or female. My leasing consultant is super sexy so trust and believe I will be paying rent by check and hand delivering it to the office. No need to pay it online.

I always want a lust affair at my job. I hope someone so genuine and knows how to rock a pair of slacks. A single male with all the swag and potential a girl like me could ask for. I want that flirtatious interaction. I want it to be understood but never spoken that work is the only thing keeping us from jumping on each other until one day the attraction is so intense, it’s late and everyone has gone home and it just happens. He lays me out on the desk and screws my brains out. Nobody knows except us because during work we act 100% normal but while everyone is taking their lunch breaks he’s in the janitor’s closet eating my pussy.

I still want a stalker, that hasn’t changed. Someone to watch my every move. Of course he would be attractive. He would leave me little gifts some sweet others a little creepy and leave notes detailing all naughty nasty dirty things he would do to me if he ever got the chance and then one night when I am a sleep he sneaks in through the  balcony and blind folds me, tells me not to make a sound and then proceeds to make me moan in languages that I didn’t know I knew.

Of course all of this can work with a woman as well I’ll take both

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