For Joy

There will come a day where you will 100% convinced that you will never be okay again. This is the day you will realize that his hands are too big to only hold your heart alone. This is the day that you will feel something collapse deep inside you and even though it is not a medical emergency, you will think that something is physically wrong with you. This is the day that you will believe that giving up is the only option.

My advice to you may be a bit cliche, but it is probably the most important piece of information I can offer you: wait.

Wait minutes.
Wait hours.
Wait weeks,

Because, when this day ends, another will begin. And maybe, just maybe, that will be the day that you realize that lungs were once only meant for one person, and that his were never really the reason you continued to live. (You can breathe without him.) Maybe, that will be the day that you finally see how truly small his hands are, far too small to hold your heart at all. That will be the day that you pick up a pen for the first time in months with the realization that love poems aren’t always written about lovers.

I promise, life rewards those who are patient.
Just wait.

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