A Magical Radical

so mystical
so typical
i’m swimming through my own dreams
i’m swinging through the trees
and you don’t know what it means
to get close to me
to really be free
i’m immune to disease
i’m immune to reality
everyone else just seems so foul to me
and the lines on the street
are just your own fantasy
most importantly you must know
all my mistakes, they taste like raspberries
and i grew up full of apathy
and i question things constantly
living my life defiantly

so radical
so magical
i’m swindling them all out of truth
i’m sliding through my own youth
and you will learn i always have an excuse
to make sure you stay confused
to make sure you stay amused
i’m turning into a ghost
i’m turning into what i hate most
lets play dinner games, i’m the host
and the number of seats at the table
are perfectly even, because i’m odd and unstable
before you arrive to my door
you must know, all my food is seasoned
with my endless reasons
and if you’re looking for some credence
you can save time because
all my dinner guests are me demons…

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