Dear Depression

I woke up this morning and saw you sitting at the foot of my bed. You pushed me back down and told me to rest my head.

I thought of you as I took a shower, washed away the tears you gave me in my darkest hour.

Took a couple extra minutes, just a few, so I could at least appear happy, just like new.

I covered up the scars you gave me with a long-sleeved blouse. So proud of myself that I actually left my house.

I walked past the threshold and your invisible force held me back. I’m long forgotten, don’t you remember? There’s a pact.

I blasted my music so loud, I couldn’t hear you screaming, telling me I’m nothing. If I think I’ll get anywhere, I must be dreaming.

I tried to fake a smile to commemorate the past, you clenched my muscles so tight, not even a second could that smile last.

I arrived in hell and walked through the door. Rich in sadness; in happiness, I’m poor.

I dislike you with a passion so hot that it melts.

Dear Depression, I hate you, go haunt someone else…

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