Hi, I’m me!

Hey, don’t really know who I’m talking to, I doubt anyone will even be reading this…

I’m just a normal 22 year old Irish girl but I decided to write this journal to try explain some of what I am feeling and the things going on in my head. I’m not necessarily writing them to tell other people, it is more for me to try make sense of it myself and as a way of letting stuff out.

If you do start to read this you will find out I suffer from depression and also anxiety, mainly social anxiety and this affects my life in many ways. It’s difficult for people to understand, it’s difficult for me to understand and that is sort of why I started writing about my feelings as I thought it might help me  in some way!

One thought on “Hi, I’m me!”

  1. Let me tell ya, it’s possible to escape any form of anxiety. I promise you that because I’ve been there. It’s all about a lack of control, especially control of fear. With anxiety, fear can sway any thought or emotion while making you feel helpless- but you’re not. To defeat anxiety, you must step outside your comfort zone every opportunity you get. Do all the things you believed weren’t possible with anxiety & you’ll come to realize that anxiety has disappeared as a result of your actions.

    Depression on the other hand, is a result of how you live & who you live with. If we eliminated religion for just a moment, our reasons for living are either to:

    a) Evolve: Progression is everything. Build your cities, train your people, discover cures and new scientific/mathematical theories.

    That is it. Lame huh? Then there is:

    b) Bring joy to anyone and everyone you possibly can, including yourself. If evolving/progressing society as a whole in some way is required to do that, then so be it. Delve into your positive feelings & emotions to live life to the fullest, alongside those who are there to love and care for you (Which would be anyone who follows reason (b) as well.)

    In theory, if everyone went with reason (b), we’d live in a world of peace. Heaven on Earth. I believe if you do everything in your power to go with reason (b), then you’ll witness both depression and anxiety fade.

    I feel as if I’ve said too much, sorry. At least ya know someone is reading your stuff!

    I’m looking forward to your future entries,
    peace out amigo!


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