How to do it?!

Is it really one of those days again? I havent had one in a long time. I have been trying so hard leading a stress free life, as calm as I could but today it is a breaking point.. again..

My daughter is driving me absolutely nuts! I know, shouting does not help but today I had no control over it. Enough is enough. Pressing your buttons every single day, trying your patience every single second. I am not sure I can do this any longer. Her being at school and me being at work its like a blessing but just before 3 pm it starts again.. most days.

They tell you all about those happy moments being a mother. Really? What about these days when all you want to do is to close the door behind you and run as far and fast as you can?! Am I the only one who is feeling this way? How do I stop feeling like this? I am sorry for moaning but it is really so hard. I have nobody to talk to and even if I did, they would tell me that everything is gonna be alright. Im so tired.. I feel like my head is going to explode at some point..

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  1. Do you think that a partner is a big help? I was a single parent but do have a partner now. We have different working patters and I dont see him during the week, I work myself, after I pick my daughter up from school Im with her all day. When he comes home, she is in bed, I have done all my tasks and am exhausted. It is very unfair because I still feel like a single parent for 5 days a week.

    I do suppose my day got better back then, cant remember any more. It hasnt been as bad but life is pretty tough.

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