We are insignificant. We are nothing more than
When someone kills a bug they don’t think
that it will throw the universe off.
But yet, killing a person, a so called “important
person” will?
We are just as significant as bugs.
There are a hundred billion galaxies yet we still
think of ourselves more important than
insects…. animals.

We are animals.
Our lives mean nothing.
We are just as primitive as wild beasts without
the technology we’ve developed in our brief existence.
So, when you tell me I matter and that my
life means something, you’re wrong.

We are insignificant.
We will die, and the world will keep on going
without us.
Babies will be born, people will get married, and
other people will die.
Our lives don’t matter and they don’t mean anything
in the macro-sense of life.
But if you let me love you with everything I
have, I swear it will mean something.
It will matter.
It will be significant.
Even if it’s just for a lifetime..

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