1. I’m a really sad person and there are times when all I want to do is drink a bottle of vodka and cry. Hold me tight and tell me everything’s gonna be alright. Don’t let me destroy me.

2. I want you by my side. I probably won’t tell you though. But if you want me to show it, be brave.

3. You will see that I’m a mess. Being with you helps me put the puzzle pieces back together. So be prepared that some days I will be crying and sobbing and I’ll need you to hold me.

4. I will love you and love you and love you.

5. Coffee is my life saver. I’m not myself until I’ve had a cup.

6. I keep a lot of things to myself. So if you see that I don’t sleep enough or that I’m really silent ask me if I’m okay. I’m probably not.

7. I’m sorry but I miss you quite terribly.

8. Watching shitty TV shows or chatting with you is enough to make my day.

9. I will love you and love you and love you.

10. Your smile is my favorite drug.

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