Seeking Solace

I’m 29 years old, married 💑 and a new home owner. Shortly after moving in to our new home my brother and his family were evicted. With no where to go I agreed to take them in. Their family consisted of my brother, his girlfriend, my 3yr old niece, 2yr old nephew and 5 month old nephew. Not to mention they had invited my mother and 15yr old brother to stay just weeks before losing their home. This was agreed to be a short term (3 months) arrangement. That was almost a year ago. Since then they have saved nothing and just had their 4rth child.

3 thoughts on “Seeking Solace”

  1. I guess I just feel guilty for wanting to put them out but I am at wits end and just want to start my own family Is there a way of booting a family with out being the bad guy?

  2. If I were you, I’d give your brother a deadline to get a job or save a certain amount. Your house, your rules. Make it clear that it isn’t your job to provide for HIS family and that allowing them to stay was a courtesy. If he’s a lazy-ass, don’t be afraid to be hard on him. If he’s having serious struggles when job searching, lend him a hand in doing so but still set a deadline.

    Anyways, best of luck beana_beanz!

  3. Thank you! I wish I could get him to do something to show me he’ll get his shit together, but that ain’t happening. They have been homeless before. Never changed. I think I just have to muster the courage to say bye.

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