When a game of Truth or Dare is taken too far

Katy is one of my closest friends and I can trust her with most of my secrets that is too shocking to tell my other friends. We did some crazy things together. We are both females and 17 years old.

So today after school we walked to the our after school class. After we found out that the class was canceled for the day we decided that we should hang out since we both did not want to go home right away.

So we exited the school building and we where planning on hanging out with some other friends of hers. We where planning on studying in an isolated hall in our school. Once we where done with our homework we where bored. So I just randomly suggested that we play truth or dare. I didn’t think it would back fire at the time since I thought it would be a good time to get to know her other friends and to pass 2 hours.

The rules where that you could not chose truth or dare twice in a row, meaning if you chose truth one time, you have to do a dare next time. Another rule was that we could not strip.

The game started out with asking questions like “when was the last time you had sex?” or “How old where you when you had sex?”. I had no problem answering the truth or dare questions, and I just said I was a virgin. But it was kind of awkward at times since some of the guys seemed interested that I was a virgin since all my other friends are not.

Once we got in to daring each other, one girl named Alexis told Katy to yell “I want to f**k you!” publicly. I thought that was completely crazy, but we where bored and things got even more crazy. The Katy told Jason to go in the gym and say “I kissed a man!”, and we all know he’s straight (not saying that you can’t kiss someone of the same sex and still be straight) and he would not feel comfortable kissing a guy (even though he never tried it). Then Jason dared me to flash my boobs to one someone in the room, and since he didn’t say it had to be a guy I thought I could do it to my close friend Katy since she has seen my boobs before. The guys where surprised and regret not including that it had to be a guy and they also said that I should probably get an even tan on my body, which I can fix over the summer by going swimming. Then I dared Zack to twerk in front of a random guy outside.

The truths where not hard to handle and was often easy for me to answer. But the dares got even more exciting and humiliating to do.

I was shocked when Jason dared me to kiss Katy for 30 seconds. Katy asked me if I have ever kissed a girl, and I said yes, but it was just a peck and we where playing kiss and blow at a birthday party but I didn’t tell her that part. Then she leaned in, and I closed my eyes and I then we where kissing and she was French kissing me! I was not expecting that, I have never French kissed anyone before. I thought it we would just lock lips. But I was wondering when it would be over, since she was seemed a little to aggressive when kissing me and I thought we where going to be gentle and soft. I was laughing and so was she. I was laughing because I felt awkward and I was wondering when it would end. After it ended the guys where shocked and where silent for awhile and then they finally laughed. The I said that “whatever happened here, it stays between us! Do not tell anyone what went down here today.” They agreed since we all did something really stupid.

So after I was thinking to myself did this really just happen?, I dared Katy to slap Jason two times on the face as hard as she can. As Katy’s eyes lit up, Jason’s smile slowly went way. I was completely excited to see him get slapped and seeing him terrified gave me joy since I wanted revenge.

But I soon enough the tables turned and Alexis dared Jason slap me once on my butt and then squeeze it. I was just afraid of the pain, and it hurt and it was awkward when he asked me how was it and I didn’t really answer it because I was laughing and I was in pain at the same time.

Once it was 4:00 pm, my friend Katy and I had to go home. We talked a little about the kiss. It was very awkward and I suggested that we should forget about it. I think I would have enjoyed it if she ‘toned it down a notch’. It was an interesting experience for the two of us. I am straight, and I’m pretty sure she is too, but who knows. But I am honestly curious about how it is to kiss a girl that is more gentle.

Would I do it again? I don’t know. Would I ever tell anyone I kissed a girl? Maybe, depending on who they are and how much I trust them and whether if they would judge me. Would I tell anyone that it was with her? I would most likely not because what if they know her and I wouldn’t want news to spread. Am I proud that I kissed a girl? I don’t know, but I think it was an interesting experience to let my freak flag fly, and I don’t do that often but Katy does.

One thought on “When a game of Truth or Dare is taken too far”

  1. Interesting.. Lol. Careful though. Most guys will attempt to use a game like that to take advantage of you. You seem like a smart girl, don’t let a bunch of stupid kids change that! Haha

    Anyways.. It was fun to read, but it was a reminder of how peer pressure isn’t always that obvious. It’s often masked by something made out to be a little bit of not-so-innocent fun.

    I’m looking forward to reading some more!


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