10th October 2007 543pm wednesday


i’ve already been up for nearly 12 hours. why? because at approximately 545 this morning, the kitten figred out how to get onto the bed all by himself. he then climbed up onto my hip and did a little triumphant happy dance. ‘i found out where she goes at night!’ purrig as loud as he could and just a bit louder. i evicted him and tried to get back to sleep. damn. no good. he hooked his way back up the side of the bed and proceeded to use my stomach as a trampoline.

It’s actually not been SUCH a bad day. Of course, George came back after visiting his mom in kentucky and dumped a bag of library books and pile of old magazines and current newspapers on my desk, so i’ve stayed pretty still all day. my right knee is still thumping away, but the left knee isn’t quite as bad. the temperature is down nearly 30 degrees since yesterday. i wonder if that has anything to do with it. my allergies aren’t quite as oppressive either.


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