11th October 2007 447pm thursday


day started out fairly bad. knees too locked up to stand on. some improvement since then. not dancing in the aisles so to speak (write!) (note*- TYPE!)  but not curled up in a ball shrieking either.  the right oe is worse than the left one today. had to do the litterbox and top it off (*note- a heavy white plastic jug that i refill out of a gigantic can meant to be a storage bin for dogfood LOL it was free. they were giving them away at the petstore 1 afternoon when i went in to buy crickets.) and that jug is HEAVY! used to be i could throw something like that around even full of gravel like it was nothing, but today, even lifting it down from the shelf in the living room closet nearly knocked me over! my 1 armed flailing to maintain my standing position sent my cane clattering to the floor. ugh! I put the literjug on the entry table and sat on the arm of the sofa, grabbing onto the doorknob to be able to lean over enough to snag and grab it.

the kitten now tentatively named Talesin reprised his previous bedclimbing routine and subsequent happy dance. this time it got him a flying lesson into the rocking chair.)



*note- okay. there. got 2 up and got my full to do list done and it’s time to make my tea…..or maybe i’ll just finish my soda and have s sleeping pill tonight since i’ll be too fretful to sleep any other way. i’ll probably get a pic of my tomorrow morning before i leave and post a little something, and there will probably be a rant when i get home.


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