Digital gadgets and media have replaced human interaction…

This is a big thing to me because I see people disconnecting from each other the more we connect with each other via online communications. Facebook has become a full blown addiction with people so much that it cuts into any real physical time with friends or family and its now become a sort of crutch to people who have busy lives…because they can always catch up with people via Facebook. It’s not the case at all, our lives are a bit more complex than just images, mimes, dummies and random thoughts or rants. What happened to catching up with people face to face? Eye contact that isn’t continually broken by somebody glancing down at what’s in their palms? Or…by what message just came in. Set the DAMN gadgets down or turn them off. Have lunch with friends, go out to places and pay attention to whom you are with. It’s only fair. Do you realize how many couples have full blown fights over their partners Facebook account content or because a person on their account said something that was taken out of context? We as humans lost and loose more humanity because of gadgets and social media sites. I’ll prove it. Conduct your own experiment and see for yourself. Go to any appointment and when you sit down to wait to be called, look at how many people are already on their phones unaware you even walked in. You might get a split second glance but that’s it! Wait for the next person to walk in and sign in…and watch…it’ll take less than one minute, maybe two and that person will be on their cell unaware of you too. It’s like we cannot sit for more than a few mins in a room with people without having a distraction. God forbid you start any nice conversation since everybody attention is captured too heavily to care. It’s sad, really. We have lost our way and replaced it with electronics. It’s not fail proof. It can and will go down…then…nobody will know what to do. What to say. How to pass time. It’s crazy people, go outside…and play…without using your gadgets unless there’s an emergency. Can you? Can you leave your home without your cell? I can. Try it sometime.  Really. Reflect back to a time when we never had cellular or wireless devices. We should…we need to know how to do these basic things and still be just fine. Electricity is not infinite. It goes down. Our very Sun could wipe out communications for over 35 years! The palms of our hands won’t be filled with high tech gadgets and grid power forever. Learn…to go back in time with yourself…one day you won’t have a choice LOL.

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