feeling a little better

had a massive seizure this morning. 1 of the full blown grand mal ones no less. knocked me out for close to 2 hours this morning. i’m starting to feel a little less wobbly and managed to eat some more of the soup -i’ve eaten almost the entire bowl now. since it’s the most i’ve eaten for 3 days? i’ll take it.

made it a 4 pill day and tomorrow is the monthly no progress report. they want me to meet the new guy. older dude and a GP. i FUCKING HATE GPs (general practioners) why? because every time over the past couple years i’ve had to deal with 1, they turned out to be a pill pushing psychotic with borderline Munchausen’s by proxy that see me as a new toy and/or a science experiment. give me a young blood every time. fresh out of school with the latest techniques and still willing to debate the concepts and potential benefits  of applying them to a person who’s got some pretty specialized allergies (citric acid which is in more shit than you think. it’s a food preservative, AND a scent preservative so it’s in everything from soap to cleaning supplies. ALL forms of chemical antibiotics i do moderately better with herbal ones… example? goldenseal freakin ROCKS and garlic is an excellent preventative antibiotic. ones of those that  say for example if everyone around you is coming down with the flu? triple your garlic intake. even the POWDER works and can also be used as a topical compress! and it’s just tasty! nomnomnom. steroids which is kind of odd since i’ve never had any other issues with anything poultry-based. i’m betting it’s also ASPIRIN BASED since that’s my other deadly pervasive allergy. i’m also allergic to bee/wasp/hornet stings, plants called succulents because of the fleshy leaves.. yup. no Aloe for Parah! and fresh cut grass and fabric softener). the trouble is because i am a legitimate genetic anomaly, i tend to fall in the 1% category. you know, only 1% of patients will experience any of these side-effects? yeah. that’ll be me every damn time. it’s gotten so bad, i tend to head people off at the pass about meds. ‘before you say anything else, sit down and let me SEE you read my allergies off my chart, double check the part about my documented bad medication reactions, THEN ask yourself if you REALLY want my death on your concience (fuck you spell check i just double checked that in ‘word’ and it said i’m right)’ and now after dodging a bullet with meeting the new chick (who turned out to be pregnant. he needs to stop hiring pregnant chicks) and then find out i need to meet to the new guy. lovely, not looking forward to that at ALL.

oh? the photo? yup. that’s 1 of my denim jackets. phantom of the opera’s Erik. with the description taken from the novel (which for the record? the ONLY film that’s got it right? the silent 1925 Lon Chaney version!)

well, if nothing else, i need to go do laundry. i’ll seriously make an effort to get up some more journals today.



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