let’s forget this world we live in
watched death creep
holding the knife as it cuts
deep and burning, it was a leap
from being real or not
see it was not always like this
it was great and fine
but then she turned. then
his life became filled with grime
his looking around seeing black
reminded him of her heart
as she stabbed him in the back
and transformed into a moth
bitter and grotesque, it was the best
he loved to feel the tortured,
in his eyes, she was the best.
turned into a whore just like the rest.
gave her up in the end,
to find “herself”
now he is searching for a golden girl
no compassion
a woman he can hold
one that will feel just right
one that will not cheat
just be loyal and bright
be yourself and he’ll be his
help him remember why he’s still alive
he’ll show you the moon
show you the stars in life
he will take you out, treat you
to a real good night
drive you home
you can be holding hands
he’ll whisper in your ear
can he come in
“hey babe, let’s forget this world we’re in.”

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