The Science of God?

I was one of those good Christian kids that belived the earth was much younger than what science dictated. I left the faith and became an ancient pagan for fifteen years. I was paid right to my face for what I did to people and ran back to the faith on my own terms. No scary rapture talk and gloom and doom. I wouldn’t settle for that end time propaganda! At 36 years old I do feel the Earth is billions of years old. I think the creator, God, was working things out in those days before he put us here. The Dinosours May have been a test to see how things could end up for us. Who knows.   I believe God made the big bang in order to start it all. I do. I also believe dark matter may be directly linked to God too. I think the never-ending expanse to space reflects his ability to be infinity itself. It’s not hard. We have been searching for intelligent life out there…and its been out there from the start…it’s God. It’s God out there quietly watching. Waiting. Seeing.

2 thoughts on “The Science of God?”

  1. Glad to know I’m not the only one to conjure such thoughts and theories! Also.. I’m jealous- Dita Von Teese and the Suicide Girls?! Of course, I’m a guy.

    Anyways, I hope you’re correct.

    I hope God is there to save me from my expiration date.


  2. Thank you dreamer, I appreciate when anybody takes time out of their day or night to read my thoughts and I’d like to now take time to read more of what you’ve written hands will continue to (the public entries of course LOL). Dreamer, of course God is out there to save you from the expiration date LOL…silly LOL. I have the word from the beginning and the word is God…so hey, you have the word too…It’s ‘ll good, trust me LOL. I should clarify that I have done online work with Dita Von Teese but never was able (as of yet) to actually photograph her myself…the cost is a bit out of my financial league at the moment LOL. Dita actually saw a tribute image I made in 2006 and granted me full access to photo’s not given permission for others to use in the way I was which was awesome! I then created digitally enhanced themed images of her as a goddess, as a demon and you name it LOL…so she finally agreed two years ago that I would be able to obtain the rights to use an image of choice of Dita…for a deck of fantasy horror game cards! I have to brag about Dita bit because she’s so DAMN loveable! Omg she’s an endless sweetie that even shared her hair coloring tips with me online LOL. She’s a very sweet and very intelligent gal who swears in her emails that she answers every single one of her fan letters or requests on her own. She admitted to letting an assistant write out here words online via internet ONLY when she’s in hair and makeup or if her hands aren’t free but she’s very adament about answering and handles all her fans on her own. She admits to adoring her fans and feels having staff handle those is just rude to her fan base LOL. I love that gal, she’s so down to earth. Amanda Pemberton aka Apnea will even f2f you as a personal friend on Facebook! She’s a sweetie too LOL. Getting permission from Lithium Picnic and Suicide Girls, even their branch off God Girls was the HARDEST to obtain for images and I’ll honestly never go through them again LOL. Ever. Again thank you for the time you took in reading my entry and I’ll be sure to stay tuned for more from you!

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