fragment of silliness

zap just came over here and sat in 1 of her ‘well, here i am pick me up and worship me’ spots. as much as the cat does get on my last nerves she really is remarkable. (that’s her sitting draped across the back of my chair and up across my right shoulder. she likes to lounge there and look out the balcony door in the winter and offer up a running muttered commentary on the goings on outside. it’s cute, but she gets heavy REALLY fast. this gives you an idea of how big she actually is her head is damn near big as MY face. normally you don’t see big heads on male cats like this. the males get the big lion faces.) she sees how difficult it is for me to get around and has several spots at my feet by the desk where she’ll sit to ask to be picked up and the spot indicates how she wants to be held. she’s a hugger so she likes to be on her back in the crook of her arm and she’ll stretch out her legs and drape 1 little white arm around my neck while she pets my face and neck with her other hand. it’s very cute. she asked for that 1 a bit ago.

whups. there went the toaster. going to have it with smoked salmon and cream cheese. mmmmm



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  1. Hmmmm, smoked salmon and cream cheese, you know that cat must have been going postal at the very sniff of it LOL. Cats are more than a companion to those living in physical pain. They just sorta know what hurts and its no coincidence yours knows his momma hurts and wants to help. I recently moved to a place that the owner is deathly allergic to cats so I had to have my putty adopted (that I miss so much)! Prior to her adoption she would go at my hands, my knees and my hips when we’d sit down as my severe rheumatoid arthritis would leave me sometimes so jacked up that I looked crippled! When my stomach became an issue and it would ache, make me vomit or just be a slave to it…I swear to God, that cat started letting me pet HER tummy…like a dog! I swear, she’d roll over on to back and expose her tummy LOL! I’d pet it and she’d just let me go for it for minutes on end. Onlookers would pass in cars, see me pet HER like a dog and the looks on the people’s faces in the car were priceless! Lol! She’d be a bit more aloof about her tummy here and there BUT all I’d have to do was say to her in my signature baby voice she liked by saying, “Gimme the belly, baby girl”, and she’d roll over like a dog, exposing her belly, closing her eyes and then tucking her arms and all paws lmao! I love her, I miss her and miss the comfort she gave me when my pain days were the worst…but she’d make me smile LOL. I miss making her, her special Friskies treat which was chicken stock with shredded chicken friendlies, warm it like a soup and shed just go crazy LOL. Cats are more than just a companion, they’re friends, their like furry little babies or kids LOL. I’m sorry you have to endure so much pain by the way…I know how it can cut into your life too. I have Lupus AND Rheumatoid Arthritis with kidneys that have gone I to renal failure twice (but thankfully each time they were saved). I loved reading your entry and look forward to seeing more from you as you write from the heart, mind, body and soul. Thank you for the wonderful share! Again, I can’t wait to read more!

  2. aww THANK you!
    yeah, they help. pets really help. Zap’d tear my face off if i bothered her with baby talk talk though! i’ll give her a treat for you when she wakes up next.

  3. Lol! Omg thank you, sweetheart, but that hat…it was a cheap Halloween costume accessorie that I turned into a voodoo looking hat using 99¢ store skull decorations for Halloween and the beading was an old crucifix necklace I fastened around the brim…sadly my sister said I looked like LINDA PERRY that night LOL! I have to admit, that was a good well thought out burn though lol. Your putty would tear your face off for baby talking her LOL?! Yikes, dude…Lol. Well, the only real time I thought my own putty would literally tear my head off over was one thing…and one thing only (since I admit to sharing any people food the putty may enjoy) was this…….KFC chicken strips with honey mustard dip!!! LMAO! Now once every few months (I only get take out for myself once per month or once every two months max) I’d open the box of strips and then she was in Bonkerville the time I dipped the strip into the sauce, my cat used to sit at my hip watching and as soon as I withdrew the tender from the little dipping sauce container she’d lock her paw around my wrist with some good force too LOL….and literally would pull it towards her purring mouth (no lie LOL). The second I shrug and let her have a bite, she managed to lock both paws around my wrist, claws digging into my flesh there lol, and she bites down on that saucy tender so hard that she shook her head with it in her mouth, growled, snarled and literally ran away to her food bowl with it like she caught live prey LOL! She licked that sauce off the tender FIRST and once she inhaled the tender with a strange purr/growl the whole time she had it…she comes casually coming back to my side where she waits all cute for more but is COVERED, paws, whiskers, neck, top of her head and above her eye in honey mustard streaks LOL! Needless to say…that was the day I cut her off LOL. At best, I would cut up a big tender in bite sized pieces on a plate for her so I could keep my fingers! Omg LOL, I’m lucky she left me the use of my fingers as is or else I wouldn’t be a writer anymore lmao.

  4. ROFLMFAO yes! Zap had an encounter with a spicy met (like a hotdog with attitude) she normally won’t touch anything if it so much as has salt and pepper on it, but she ALWAYS begs for whatever i have. she just wants to inspect it. so spicy mets and a dipping sauce of dijon mustard, horseradish and mayonaise. i didn’t think she’d want any part of something that’d steam clean her whiskers for her, so the chunk i’d offered her on the fork doused in the stuff, she licked all of it off 1st (purring audibly) and then tasted the met, considered it and took it out of the chopsticks set it on the bookcase and ate it then licked off the bookcase. admittedly she did spend a fairly long time at the watering station later, but yeah. Cats are a trip.
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