April 10, 2014 I sat in a doctor’s office waiting for my monthly check up for my Chronic Migraines. I weighted in at 134 lbs. from the 200lbs I was 6 months ago. As I was talking to my doctor and asked about my previous lab results from a few weeks ago he looked at me so very casually and said, ” you have Lupus”. As I tried to process what the hell he just said I said WHAT? So loudly the nurses looked at me as if I was robbing them. He explained all my symptoms, lab results were a very clear diagnosis. I grabbed my refills and left in shock. As the weeks, months went on I had a second, third and finally a 4th opinion all without telling the doctors my previous diagnosis. Fast forwarding today I am currently experiencing one hell of a flare! I gained 60 lbs in 3 months, Tendonitis that hurts like hell and all I just want to sleep!!! I am blessed that I can still work many others can’t. I also get to work from home 80% germ free. My co-workers are large and small, furry, and LOVE to snuggle. Technology allows for me to communicate outside of my Lupi-Bubble into the homes of my Pain-Pals. I am in search of support groups, doctors that understand and really just here to vent. May is Lupus awareness month. Tomorrow is POP: Put On Purple to show support for Lupus so we can educate and maybe one day have a cure.  

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