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Yesterday was the last day for seniors, and I was a little sad that my friend Anna was soon going to go graduate and move to New York.

My other friend Nicole and I where going to go with Anna to Starbucks during 5th period because it would be our last time going together, and we never tried going to Starbucks during 5th period before. Nicole and I had Art for 5th period and we figured it would be ok if we leave for a little bit, we thought the teacher wouldn’t really notice that we where gone since it will only take about 7 minutes maximum.

It all went well, Nicole got a tall caramel frap with a cookie, Anna got a venti soy latte, and I got a venti very berry refresher. By the time we where in front of the door, Nicole and I where scared to open the class room door. So I opened it and luckily he wasn’t in the room, one of my classmates said he was in the dark room developing photos.

So Nicole and I drank our Starbucks in the back of the room and tried to hide it from out teacher. We noticed that he seemed a little upset when he was near us, but Nicole assumed he just had a bad day. Sometimes he gets moody, one day he could be having a good conversation with us and then the next day he could be bossy and not in the mood for small talk.

He is not that bad of a teacher, he just talks too much and his monotone voice gets annoying. He’s about 30 years old, Nicole likes his blue eyes and his big butt, but she thinks he can be very annoying at times. I don’t think he’s unattractive, but I think he talks way too much about his high school years, plus he is really bad at telling jokes or making jokes because he’s serious most of the time. I sometimes figure that it might be marriage problems that cause his mood swings or even his sex life because he just got married last year over fall break, and he told us that it took him 7 years to finally put a ring on her finger.

By the end of 5th period, we were all satisfied with our drinks, and we were enjoying our conversation with Anna. We didn’t think we would be in trouble anytime soon.

But today, when I dropped my bag off in the art room, I went to the digital media class because I would rather work in there than watch a romance movie in art class. I eventually tried to go into the art room to get some papers that I needed for a project but Mr. Lyn locked the door. I knocked on it and waited for him to open it. He opened it up and I tried to enter the room but he stopped me. He said, “Where were you?” he said with a firm and serious voice. I said, “I was in Ms. Trailers room.” Then I tried to go in the class room, but he told me to get out. I said, “Ok, I just need to get my bag.” Then I left. He never had a problem with me doing work in the class next door. I didn’t really care since it’s the end of the year and all we are doing is watching movies.

However, Nicole was in class the whole time. So once 5th period ended, I waited for Nicole to get out of class because we walk to 7thperiod together. Once she saw me, she gasped and rushed to me. I thought she was going to get mad at me for leaving art, but she informed me that Mr. Lyn wrote us a referral. I then asked why, and she said it was because of leaving to go to Starbucks yesterday. I was surprised and I was scared of my mom finding out because if I get in trouble, I might not be able to go to Anna’s graduation party.

Nicole also included that they called her into the office and the security talked to her. The security guys at our school are generally nice. She said they asked her what she thinks she did wrong, and Nicole didn’t admit to anything. Then they finally told her they have video footage of her, Anna, and I walking off campus. She then laughed when they told her and thought it was nothing since she expected to get in trouble for something else.

So I was some what paranoid about getting in trouble when I got home, but they still haven’t called my mother. They still haven’t given me my referral form because I wasn’t in class the first time. So tomorrow I’ll find out how bad it will be. I hear you can be sent to lunch detention or all day school suspension. Hopefully it won’t be too bad.

I probably will not leave a class period again to get Starbucks, it was wrong even though I just wanted to get out of a boring class. I understand that the security guards are only doing their jobs. I don’t really care if Mr. Lyn hates me or not because I am tired of going to his art class when we have no purpose of being there. I already had A’s for the previous weeks, so he can’t hurt my grade. I think he is the first high school teacher to have a ‘problem’ with me. I’m sure that tomorrow Mr. Lyn and I will have some negative tension between us. I can’t wait for summer. This whole week was full of drama, the last day of school is so close but the days feel so long.

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  1. I’m surprised they took the time to check the tapes and shit over something like that. Shows how much time they have on their hands, even on the job.

    Anyways, best of luck tomorrow!


  2. Well we all need our Starbucks! lol I honestly don’t think they should have made a big deal about that. At least you went back to class.

    I hope you have a wonderful day (:

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