The path to your true passion can be full of detours.

The path to your true passion can be full of detours (& that’s Okay).

There was a time when I wanted to be an astronaut, an actress, then a teacher, I think a doctor was in there somewhere too. One consistency was my desire to explore. I was always curious and wanted to to see and experience more; to never feel like I had limited myself. In the long run, I’ve found that what I really am is a globe trotter, but it wasn’t always clear from the beginning.

I studied finance in college and then toured for a while being in an International school & then working in a BPO (this place was lucky for having found my MAN here). Through all of these ventures I was finding what fit. Everything I engaged along my path lead me closer to where I am now, to knowing more exactly what it is I’m shooting for.

I love my job (only thing that’s negative is the low Package :p ) & I Love my work atmosphere too. Its all positive in here, with Nikki as my Adviser, Kinjal being my help mate, Rachy with all jokes stored in her to make you laugh.


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