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i just had a comment on a post from a couple days ago and it deems being answered properly with it’s own post so i’ll do that tomorrow so Thatweirdgothchick, i’m not just fobing you off with a vague response, i saved it and i’ll answer it properly tomorrow. i want this to become a place where those of us with this kind of condition and our kind of attitude can get together and trade ideas. that’d rock.

3 thoughts on “a nice comment”

  1. Awww,girl, your so cool LOL. I seriously ENJOY reading your works here and adore that you write with such raw passion. It’s just what the doctor ordered LOL. Plus, your bio here hooked me like a fish…when you have to go through horrific pains on any basis especially chronic…if people aren’t willing to be there for you in the past…then screw having people like that who want back in suddenly after being so selfish or absent…or worse, being both on top of not having any sympathy. It only shows me you must be one hell of a strong individual who thinks and writes from their core…their very soul. So…I’m already a big fan of yours I must say LOL. Hope you don’t mind LOL.

  2. hey, i’m just glad it’s helping people.

    but i’m trying to draw. i’d love to talk, but i need my hands free. come over to gmail and email me and i can open voice chat if you like so i can sketch while the mood’s on me

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