My Face When I Realized…

This semester is finally done!

I was able to turn in 3/4 of the assignments I was handed at the last second (literally the last day of classes). I turned them in, technically 30 minutes before the day that grades are due. I think the deadline for teachers to turn in grades is noon later today, so hopefully she will see the assignment and it will affect my final grade.

I was panicking just a few days ago about all of this work and my grades, but that’s because I go through this phase when it comes to finals. I realized sometime yesterday or the day before yesterday that I only could do what…I could do, I guess. I can’t force myself to do any better. So I did the work that I could, and decided I had no time to work on a project that everyone else had two weeks to do, so I wouldn’t try to rush it when I could do my best on the other things I had time to do.

I’m still a bit anxious about my final grades. At this point, I’ll be happy if this last teacher gives me Cs for the two classes I had to make-up these finals for.  If I have the Cs, I’ll have enough credits for a minor in that degree and hopefully will never have to deal with her again!

So, the two classes I had problems with were both French courses. I’m a triple major in Spanish, French, and International Studies.  However, there’s only two teachers in the French department. One who is for the beginner courses, and the other who is for advanced courses. However, the one for the advanced courses…her teaching style doesn’t resonate with me (let’s just say we don’t mix well). She’s a really free spirit, and I’m a flake. So putting that kind of teacher/student combo makes for a hectic teaching/learning experience. For example, I can’t go to class much, and she can’t be bothered to respond when I ask for work. Which was why I had this panic to make up final take-home quizzes, a final paper, and a final project for the two classes I have with this teacher.

So I’m willing to trade a major in that degree to a minor, just so I don’t have to deal with her for another 3 classes. Unless anyone can realize a way to get my major and not deal with her? Or a way to talk to the school about another option?

Either way, I’m done with this semester, and even if I don’t get the best grades…I’m taking an online class over the summer so I can hopefully get an A and bring up my overall GPA. Thankfully, the stress is over for now. Although, if anyone can answer that question up there, I’d appreciate it.

…but I do realize the chances of people reading this are pretty low.

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