I get an awful lot of pop-ups on my computer lately. Usually, I click out of them as fast as I can; mostly because they annoy me, and secondly because I’m afraid they’ll give my computer a virus or something. But the more this has been happening, the more I’ve been realizing something. This may be a stretch, but I quickly click out of pop-ups the same way I am quick to avoid responsibility in life. I think I do this because I’m at a strange age. I’m 19, almost 20 (cringes), which means I’m getting closer and closer to adult life. Yes, I am already a legal adult. But I still live at home when I’m not living at college, I don’t pay bills and I only have a part-time job. I keep trying to sweep reality under the rug, but quite frankly, it’s coming to bite me in the ass sooner than I feel I’m prepared for. I need to realize that adulthood is not like an annoying pop-up that I can click my way out of. I need to man up and face it, whether I’m ready or not. 

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